Co-extruded Food Packaging Stretch Film Roll

Coextruded film is an asymmetric seven-layer film with excellent strength and puncture-resistance. Without biaxial stretch, coextruded PA film is superior in puncture-resistance, flexibility and deep drawing performance, compared with film with biaxial stretch, perfectly suitable for stretch packaging of meat and medical apparatus, rice bags and sausages packaging.

Product Details

Co-extruded Food Packaging Stretch Film Roll

MaterialEVOH  PA  PE  PP  TIE
Processing type11-layer co-extrusion 
Thickness60-280 micron
Widthwithin 1000mm
Hot temperature121°c
Low temperature-30°c
Heat sealing temp110°c-150°c



♦Highly transparent

♦Puncture and toughness resistance

♦Good thermoforming property

♦Environmetally Friendly

♦Excellent Barrier to Oxygen and Moisture proof

♦Low temperature Frozen -30℃ to high temperature Sterilization 121℃

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