Multi-Layer Plastic Casting Film Extrusion Manufacturer

Multi-Layer Plastic Casting Film Extrusion, Multi-Layer Plastic Casting Film Product manufacturer / supplier in China, offering Multi-Layer Plastic Casting Film Extrusion/Production manufacturer

Product Details

Multi-Layer Plastic Casting Film Extrusion Manufacturer

Multi-layer Extrusion Plastic Film Manufacturer Basic Info

Multi-layer Plastic Casting Film Manufacturer Description

Multi-Layer Plastic Casting Film Extrusion/Production Line

Series of plastic casting film extrusion line

PP, PE,  or multi-layer flat film, protect film, breathing film,twist packaging film, preservative film.

EVOH, PA 3/5/7/9/11-layer co-extrusion, high barrier food packaging film

PE, PP mono- or multi-layer curtain film

Standard Model:


Processing materials: PP, PE

Product width: Customized-2600mm

Product thickness range: 25 micron-300 micron

Extrusion output: 40 Ton/Day

High quality cheap pe pa film sold by manufacturer directly

Multi-layer Extrusion Film Manufacturer Specifications: 

*PA /PE or EVOH co-extrustion film and bags

*Certified SGS,ISO9001,ISO14001 ,BRC,etc.

*Food grade packing film

*more than 8 years experience

*All materails and equipments are imported from foreign.

Plastic Casting Film Manufacturer Advantage:
* PA /PE or EVOH  as barrier layer and increase shelf life    
* Excellent barrier properties of oxygen and water    
* Leakage resistant and high moisture proof
* High puncture and tear resistance
* Printability & heat-sealability
Good tensile properties
Highly puncture-resistant, flexible and soft
With excellent film thickness deviation
High planeness of bags made by it.
* Environmntal friendly

Plastic Casting Film Manufacturer Type/structure
* 5 layers dis-symmetric PA/PE film----PA/TIE/PE/TIE/PA/TIE/PE
*5 layers symmetric PA/PE film----PPE/PE/PE/TIE/PA/PIE/PE
*5 layers symmetric EVOH film----PPE/PE/TIE/EVOH/TIE/TIE/PE
*7 layers symmetric PA/EVOH film----PE/TIE/PA/EVOH/TIE/PE/PE
*9layers dis-symmetric PA/PE film--PA/TIE/PE/PIE/PA/PA/EVOH/TIE/PE
*9 layers symmetric PA/EVOH film--PE/PE/PE/TIE/PA/EVOH/PA/TIE/PE

*Packing for frozenfoods(meat, dairy, poultry)and  seafood.
*Vacuum packaging of sausages, fish or bones,candies, spices,coffee,tea,nuts, etc.
* Embossed vacuum packaging.
*Cosmetics and scour packing
*electronics products and 
*clothes, gloves, other various applications

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