PA/EVOH/PE Food Grade Barrier Film

Product Features: 1, CO extruded film, to achieve high barrier effect of oxygen, water, carbon dioxide, odor; 2, High transparentand excellent performance.. Can be used for vacuum packaging, aseptic packaging, inflatable packaging; 3, High strength: high tensile strength, good flexibility, good sealing;

Product Details

PA/EVOH/PE Food Grade Barrier Film

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Product Description
PE/EVOH/PE coextruded film is a five-layer film.
is applied in packaging of food, beverage and easily oxidized products as barrier layer of composites.
It is widely applied in meat packaging, fresh food packaging and medicine packaging.
Product Performance
* With high barrier property, optimizing shelf life of food and protecting aroma;
* Good transparence and appearance, good thickness variation and excellent heat-sealing property;
*Special layer-to-layer structure to provide excellent mechanical property and processing adaptability;
* Can be boiled. Processing equipments are the latest seven-layer equipments made by German W&H.
 *Packing for frozenfoods(meat, dairy, poultry)and  seafood.
*Vacuum packaging of sausages, fish or bones,candies, spices,coffee,tea,nuts, etc.
* Embossed vacuum packaging
*Cosmetics and scour packing,
*electronics products
*clothes, gloves, other various applications


  1. Excellent stretching and strength

  2. Quiet and easy to use

  3. Excellent cling

  4. Superior puncture resistance

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Nylon/EVOH/PE 7 Layer Multilayer Vacuum Forming Film


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