Barrier Co-extruded Vacuum Cheese Packaging Pouch

Vaccum Bag is a asymmetrical seven-layers film, with excellent strength and puncture-resistance. Without biaxial stretch, coextruded PE/PA film is superior in strength and puncture-resistance, compared with film with biaxial stretch. PE/PA is more cost-effective than asymmetric membrane, but not as flat in bag making. Blown PE/PA/PE tube membrane can be made into sacks directly with least cost...

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AWKCOEX™ 7500 Barrier Co-extruded Vacuum Cheese Packaging Pouch

Barrier Co-extruded Vacuum Cheese Packaging Pouch  Description

HAWKCOEX™ 7500 Coextruded Film is a high-barrier and PA puncture-resistant multiple extrusion film that can be used in high-speed automatic packaging.

Barrier Co-extruded Vacuum Cheese Packaging Pouch Features:

1. Strong puncture-resistant, flexible and soft;

2. Excellent tensile properties;

3. Withstanding high temperatures up to 100ºC (boiling water);

And freezing temperatures as low as -45ºC;

4.Excellent barrier of oxygen and moisture;

5. Good heat-sealing properties and tack;

6. With good tensile strength and heat-sealing strength;

7. With highly even film thickness;

8. High flatness of bags made by it.


1. Automatic stretch wrapping of food such as dried bean curds, cooked eggs, fried meat or sausages;

2. Vacuum packaging of sausages, fish or bones, etc.

3. Embossed vacuum packaging.

Kindly Reminder:

Please advise the barrier material, thickness, size, style and quantity you prefer and other requirements, we will glad to help you with your choosing the right products and give you the best price.


Please store it in clean, well-ventilated and dry environments at a temperature between 5ºC and 35ºC; Keep it away from heat, corrosive chemicals or any other harmful substances.

Technical Data Sheet

Testing   ItemUnitTesting   StandardParameterTesting   Data
WidthmmGB/T   6673-2001﹢3  ﹣01181
ThicknessμmGB/T   6672-2001±2100.6
Tensile StrengthMDMpaGB/T1040.3-2006≧2433.97
Enlogation at BreakMD≧400531.33
Angle Tear Strength(90°MDKN/mQB/T1130-1991


Seal StrengthMDN/15mmQB/T2358-1998≧30
Peel ForceNGB/T8808-1988

Light TransmissionGB/T2410-2008≧8588.65

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HAWKING, one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of various packaging materials, now brings you the best quality barrier co-extruded vacuum cheese packaging pouch with competitive price, which comes in superior abrasion and puncture resistance, as well as good heat resistance. Should you are interested in it, please be free to buy packaging products from our factory.