PA/PE Vacuum Co-Extruded Tubular Film

Multi Layer Co-extruded Films are perfect for packaging a wide variety of applications for low- and high-speed production, from cheese and meats to bakery items, pasta, pizza, and sandwiches.

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PA/PE Vacuum Co-Extruded Tubular Film  

1.Basic Information:

Product Name:PA/PE Vacuum Co-Extruded Tubular Film
Material Grade:Food Grade
Film Type:7 or 9 Layer Co-extruded
Pouch Sealing Type:1 or 3 side pre-sealed
Available Size:Width 140mm-1000mm(5.51in-39.37in)
Color:High Transparent
Freeze Resistance:-40ºC(-40ºF); 
Sterilize Tempareture:100°C(212°F)
Heat Seal Tempareture:120ºC-160ºC(248ºF-320ºF)

PA/PE Tubular Film for Food Vacuum Packaging


PAPE Tubular Film (7)

PAPE Tubular Film (8)


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