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Analysis of the Performance Advantages of Vacuum Packaging Film

May 18, 2018


Vacuum packaging film is a general term for flexible packaging composite film products. There are two layers of compound film and three layers of compound. The common two-layer compound is more. It has the characteristics of high shrinkage rate and good flexibility. It can package any shape of goods. Clearly display the appearance of the product, improve the sense of consciousness, reflecting the high grade. Share the performance advantages of vacuum packaging film today:

1. The vacuum film and the product are completely and closely matched with each other, and are vacuum-packed to minimize the space and have excellent moisture resistance. With this package, no desiccant is added, and the cost is saved.Vac-Fresh Rolls Embossed 3.5mil Vacuum Sealer Bags

2. Good protection, theVac-Fresh Rolls Embossed 3.5mil Vacuum Sealer Bags vacuum packaging film packaging can be fixed, close to each other, will not damage the product due to handling the delivery, good stability, will not produce scratches caused by mutual friction.

3. Anti-static ability is good, can be attached according to the appearance of the product attached to make the product patterns at a glance, beautiful and neat, improve product value, increase the desire to purchase.

4. Good sealing performance, high strength, suitable for manual, semi-automatic and highly automatic packaging.

5. Health and environmental protection, can be used for food packaging.