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Cast film glut of contradictions begin to emerge

Oct 12, 2016

These solar PV power supporting film, and lithium battery diaphragm, and high transparent film, and PVB glass sandwich film, optical film and the micro-filter, and Super filter film, and high barrier Multilayer Composite film, new products, to by function advanced, and production high and performance stable, and energy-saving low of plastic mechanical to production, but these production equipment currently domestic equipment enterprise also most cannot production, became restricted products enterprise adjustment products structure, and to high-end of development of bottleneck one of. With solar, wind, sea water desalination, power dynamics, optics and high-speed development in food and pharmaceutical packaging industries, increasing demand for the high-end film products in the market, such as high-barrier multilayer film, membrane micro-layered nanometer stack, and so on. And this is, bidirectional stretch, cast film products at home and abroad are currently functional, dedicated, high performance, high cost performance, integration direction.