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EVOH advantages

Sep 18, 2019

EVOH advantages

EVOH has always been the most widely used high barrier material. In addition to the non-stretch type, the film type of this material is also a biaxially stretched type, an aluminum evaporated type, a binder coated type, and the like, and a biaxially stretched type is also used for a sterile packaged article. The barrier properties of EVOH depend on the ethylene content. Generally, when the ethylene content is increased, the gas barrier properties are lowered, but it is easy to process.

EVOH is characterized by excellent barrier properties and excellent processability, as well as excellent transparency, gloss, mechanical strength, stretchability, abrasion resistance, cold resistance and surface strength.

In the packaging sector, EVOH is made into a composite film intermediate barrier for use in all rigid and flexible packaging; in the food industry for aseptic packaging, hot and retort pouches, packaged dairy products, meat, canned juice and Condiment; in non-food, for packaging solvents, pesticide chemicals, air conditioning structural parts, gasoline drum liners, electronic components, etc.

In terms of food packaging, EVOH plastic containers can completely replace glass and metal containers. Many domestic aquatic companies export seafood using PE/EVOH/PA/RVOH/PE five-layer co-extruded film vacuum packaging. While accelerating the research of EVOH composite film, EVOH stretching orientation is also studied abroad. The barrier property of the new EVOH film to gas is three times that of the existing high performance non-stretched EVOH film.

In addition, EVOH can also be applied as a barrier material to other synthetic resin packaging materials to enhance barrier properties.

A brief summary of the advantages of EVOH:

1. Provide high barrier performance in low humidity environment

2. Good barrier effect on chemicals, including most oils, acids and solvent pesticides.

3. High transparency: easy to implement the operation

4. The smell is fragrant, feel good

5. EVOH can be co-extruded with a variety of polymers

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