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High Barrier Coextrusion Film

Feb 25, 2017
Basic Info
  • Material: EVOH

  • Hardness: Rigid

  • Processing Type: Multiple Extrusion

  • Transparency: Transparent

  • Feature: Multi-Layer Coextruded Films

    Product Description
    PE/EVOH/PE Coextrusion Film
    Product Performance
    1. Highly puncture-resistant, flexible;
    2. With high barrier property;
    3. With excellent solvent barrier property;
    4. Aroma-preserving;
    5. Highly transparent;
    6. Good heat-seal properties and hot tack in automatic packaging;
    7. Good seal integrity and anti-pollution;
    8. Can be boiled;
    9. Good transparence and appearance;
    10.With excellent film thickness deviation.

    1. Barrier packaging of jelly;
    2. Barrier packaging of high protein products such as cheese;
    3. Barrier packaging of chilled meat;
    4. Packaging of pesticides.

    Product Description
    PE/EVOH/PE coextrusion film is a five-layer film with both sides heat sealable. As ethylene-vinyl alcohol copolymers, EVOH, colorless transparent, is an excellent barrier material. This product, extending shelf life of goods and providing transparent visual effect, are applied in packaging of food, beverage and easily oxidized products as barrier heat-sealing layer of laminates, or used in automatic packaging or bag making.

    EVOH is excellent in oil resistance, organic solvent resistance and long-time fragrance-holding performance and prevents unfavorable gases from penetrating inside.

    Since the product is multi-layer extruded, there cannot remain any residual solvents. Meanwhile, because of its easily recovered property and producing no hazardous gases after burning, it is reputed as green environmental friendly material and is gradually gaining attention of the world, showing the most potential market growth trend.

    It is widely applied in meat packaging, fresh food packaging and medicine packaging.

    Kindly Reminder
    Please advise the barrier material, thickness, size, style and quantity you prefer and other requirements, we will glad to help you with your choosing the right products and give you the best price.

    1. Test Condition: 20~186, 65%RH (Except as otherwise provided by test methods. )

    2. EVOH=15u

    Attention: Above data is measured value, not specified value.
    Product Storage Conditions: The product is made of plastic raw materials, easily burning, please store it in dry and well-ventilated environment, and keep it away from heat source at least 1 meter away.

    Total thicknessum(-3~+3)147~153
    Seal strengthN/15mmQB/T2358>50
    Tensile Strength at breakTDMpaGB/T 13022>25
    MDMpaGB/T 13022>25
    Elongation at breakTD%GB/T 13022>450
    MD%GB/T 13022>450
    Haze%GB/T 2410<10
    Water   Vapor Transmission Rateg/sqm.d.atm   38℃,90%RHASTM F1249<6
    Oxygen   permeabilitycc/.d.atm  23.DryASTM D3985<20