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How To Identify the Quality of Vacuum Packaging Bags

Apr 26, 2019

How To Identify the Quality of Vacuum Packaging Bags

    Generally, the quality of vacuum packaging bags is judged from four aspects: printing quality, appearance and cleanliness, bag materials, and bag firmness:

一, the material:

   You can smell the smell first when you purchase it. If the smell indicates that the material of the bag does not meet the hygiene standards, it may hinder the safe use of the bag. Also check the transparency of the bag, whether the clarity is uniform, whether there are impurities, etc.

vacuum bag

二, The Firmness:

The quality of the bag is mainly divided into two types that are consistent with the firmness and heat seal.

1. The main method of identification is to rip the edge of the bag by hand, and it is difficult to tear it by hand-tearing with a high degree of heat sealing. It can be used to load relatively heavy products such as large particles.

2, check the bag's firmness depends on whether there are bubbles or wrinkles on the surface of the bag.

三, The Cleanliness:

First observe the stiffness of the bag. Generally, the higher the flatness, the better. It is also necessary to observe whether the cut edge of the bag is neat and tidy. The cleaner the better.

四, The Printing:

The demand for the printing quality of the bag is viewed. The higher the degree of fidelity, the better. See if there is a clear third color in the splicing of the two colors to see if there are any problems such as drawing, fogging, blocking, and missing printing.