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how to keep your food fresh

Mar 08, 2019

Do you think of your freezer as an extension of your pantry? You should.

Yes, we know the freezer is a marvelous holding pen for emergency frozen dinners, packaged frozen vegetables and ice cream. But it also can store a wide range of spare ingredients to have at the ready. Many foods that are not obvious candidates for freezing can be stored there in excellent condition. Freezing food is also a great way to reduce food waste, a big issue both in our country and our kitchens.

First, some general tips for freezing food:

Use freezer-proof, plastic, zipper-top bags, or glass or plastic containers, and just continue to recycle them. I have some containers I've been using for so long they're on the cusp of becoming vintage!

The freezer-proof plastic bags will be labeled "freezer," and they are thicker and sturdier than regular storage bags. When using them, press out excess air. The more air you remove, the better the food preservation. If you happen to have one of those vacuum-sealer machines, have at it; if not, press down on the bag to push out air before you seal it up tightly.