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Impact food safety elements of printing materials

Oct 12, 2016

Food packaging printing food secondary pollution has become one of the main causes of pollution. Has long been recognized as a carcinogen benzene, mainly used in adhesives for composite packaging materials and plastic printing ink solvents. Because benzene solvent in the printing process is not complete, likely caused by benzene residues in substances in packaging materials. In the course of food packaging, benzene compounds into the food, resulting in contamination of the food. According to statistics, 2004, China scale manufacturers production of food and the drug packaging with plastic ink in the, which for BOPP film printing of chloride polypropylene ink of content accounted for to 60% above, and the system of ink solvent and diluted solvent in the, benzene class solvent of content General accounted for to 50% around, not only against human body health, and effect to China food packaging industry, even whole food industrial of health development.