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Leisure Food Lidding Film

Feb 25, 2017
Basic Info
  • Material: PA

  • Feature: Moisture Proof

  • Origin: China

  • Hardness: Soft

  • Processing Type: Multiple Extrusion

Product Description
HAWKCOEX5800 Coextruded Film is a high-barrier film with both sides heat sealable and excellent solvent barrier properties that can preserve aroma and extend the shelf life of food. It can be used as the heat-sealing layer of laminates, or used in high-speed automatic packaging.

1. High-barrier;
2. Excellent solvent barrier properties;
3. Aroma-preserving;
4. Highly transparent;
5. Good heat-sealing properties and hot tack in automatic packaging;
6. Good seal integrity and anti-pollution;
7. With excellent film thickness deviation.

1. Barrier packaging of jelly;
2. Barrier packaging of high protein products such as cheese;
3. Barrier packaging of chilled meat;
4. Packaging of pesticides.