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Co-Extruded Multilayer Packaging Films

Jan 12, 2017
Co-Extruded Multilayer Packaging Films

It is a high performance, Coextruded multilayer film which is made from polyolefin and available for single use and for lamination sealant use. It is generally used for sophisticated packaging where a satisfactory result cannot be achieved with a single layer. Now days the three layers co-extruded film is playing a major role in packaging Industry. It is replacing the conventional packing materials like paper, aluminum foil, tin, glass etc. These films are considered for packing purpose due o specific requirement of self life and protection to product. The main advantage of Co-Extruded multilayer film is excellent resistance to puncturing, heat sealability, high mechanical property, High bursting strength etc. Due to these properties they have very good scope for packaging.

Features of Multilayer Co-extruded Film:

  • It has Excellent deep drawing moldability.

  • Film utilizing the tenacity of polyamide.

  • It has Excellent transparency and gloss.

  • These films are easily compliant with the specifications and standards for foods, Food activities etc.

  • It also has cohesive peel.

Manufacturing Capabilities:

  • We provide latest multilayer co-extruded film extruders for manufacturing the best in line co-extruded films and bags.

  • We also provide custom printing up to 8 colors for co-extruded films and bags are available.

Product Range:

  • Liquid Packaging - Water, Milk, Oil, Greese.

  • Food Packaging - Wheat flour/grains, Rice, sugar, Salt, Cereals.

  • Lamination Film

  • Shrink Film

  • Chemical Packaging

  • Heavy Duty Bags for Bulk Packaging.