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The advantages and classification of High temperature cooking bag

May 04, 2018

1. The  main advantages of retort pouches (1) Because the retort pouches are  relatively thin and can meet sterilization requirements in a short  period of time, they can maintain the color, aroma, and taste of foods. (2) Packaged foods can be stored at room temperature and have a longer shelf life. (3)  Cooking bags are lightweight, soft, and stackable. They take up less  space, are easier to store and transport, and are more convenient for  consumers to carry. (4) Easy to use, easy to open without special tools. (5) Compared with the packaging of glass containers and metal containers, the production cost of cooking bags is even lower. (6) The contents are varied.

2. Classification  of High temperature cooking bags (1) according to the sterilization temperature:  ordinary sterilized bags, ultra-high temperature sterilization bags. (2)  According to the number of layers; two layers of cooking bags, three  layers of cooking bags, four or more layers of cooking bags. (3) According to light transmittance: transparent cooking bags, opaque cooking bags. (4) According to the function points: ordinary cooking bags, high barrier cooking bags. (5) According to the composite method: dry composite bags, co-extruded composite bags.