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The characteristics of vacuum, deoxidation, and retort pouches and their differences

Jun 06, 2018

Vacuum packaging bag

  Vacuum packaging bag is also called evacuation packaging bag. It is to exhaust the air inside the packaging to minimize the volume of the packaged goods, so that the packaged goods are tightly attached to the packaging bag and it is not easy to move, avoid the impact with the packaging, and prevent the oxidation of the contents. The reproduction of ordinary bacteria and anaerobic bacteria makes them easy to carry and Vac-Fresh Rolls Embossed 3.5mil Vacuum Sealer Bags not easily broken, and can also extend the shelf life of the contents.

Deoxy packaging bag

  The deoxygenation bag does not need to remove all the air inside the package. Instead, it puts a deoxidizer in the package. The nylon pumping bag manufacturer depletes the oxygen in the package, and the growth of a single bacterium prevents the oxidized deterioration of the packaged product. To achieve the extension of the shelf life of plastic packaging.

Cooking bag

The plastic flexible packaging bag used for high-temperature steaming or boiled sterilization is a steaming packaging bag, and the packaging bag is first subjected to evacuation processing. Otherwise, air inside the packaging bag is difficult to transmit heat to the contents to kill the bacteria. In addition, the air in the package will also burst due to thermal expansion.

The common points and differences between the three food packaging bags:

     The common points of vacuum packaging bags, deoxidation packaging bags, and cooking packaging bags are that they must be made of plastic film with good gas barrier properties. The difference is that they are vacuum packed and do not need to be heated and Multilayer Coextrusion Evoh Barrier Thermoformable Film For Processed Meat Packing cooked. However, the steamed packaging must be vacuumed. The vacuum packaging may not exhaust all the oxygen. Although the deoxygenation packaging does not have a vacuum, the oxygen in the packaging must be exhausted. Therefore, in the selection of food packaging film, vacuum packaging, deoxidation packaging only need to use gas barrier, good oxygen barrier properties on the line.