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The effect of multi-layer co-extruded film

Sep 18, 2019

The effect of multi-layer co-extruded film

Multi-layer co-extruded composite film can meet many more demanding packaging occasions, more in line with the needs of market development, and will have a profound impact on the technological progress and development of the packaging industry.

In China, multi-layer co-extrusion barrier packaging films are being widely promoted, so multi-layer coextrusion technology will have a large application space in China. The multi-layer co-extruded composite film has the same function as the dry composite film, and has more flexibility and environmental protection performance. It can replace the dry composite film or reduce the number of dry composites, which has become a development trend.

Vigorously develop multi-layer co-extruded plastic composite film blowing equipment, which can replace dry composite, plastic coating, vacuum aluminum plating and other composite equipment to produce special requirements of flexible packaging composite materials, simplify the production process of packaging materials, save energy and reduce plant And the input of human resources, reducing production costs, conducive to saving resources and controlling environmental pollution, reducing occupational disease patients, avoiding the contamination of packaged articles by residual harmful substances of dry composite adhesives and solvents, enhancing the competitiveness of foreign trade and the ability to earn foreign exchange, thus promoting China Upgrade of the technical level of packaging materials.

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