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The process escorts the quality of high barrier stretch film

Sep 18, 2019

The process escorts the quality of high barrier stretch film

Regardless of the development of technology, the important factors affecting the quality of high barrier stretch film until now are the materials and production process. The high barrier stretch film is superior in performance because it has the following processes:

In order to utilize the properties of a plurality of polymers at the same time, a multilayer structure is generally used in the package, and the high barrier stretch film process is to form a multilayer structure film from a plurality of different polymers in the same process, which can chemically and chemically The physical performance advantages are integrated to meet and address the special needs of packaging materials in the food, pharmaceutical and other industrial fields, especially in the thin film technology of PA.EVOH as the main barrier material.

The high-resistance stretch film is packaged using a physical process, and is selected from internationally recognized environmentally-friendly materials. It is different from the composite package that is mostly used today. It does not use adhesives, so it does not contain heavy metals and has no residual solvent. It is a green and safe food packaging.

Note: The high barrier stretch film consists of plastic raw materials, which are easy to burn and generate harmful gases. Store at 5~35 °C, keep the storage environment dry and ventilated, and keep away from the heat source at least 1 meter away.

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