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Trends in the development of the plastic packaging industry

May 15, 2019

Trends in the development of the plastic packaging industry

Hubei Hawking Packaging Materials Co., Ltd. shares the major trends in the development of the plastics industry: the advantages of plastic packaging bags are gradually becoming obvious. For example: food storage, packaging moisture resistance, packaging protection, packaging lightweight.

1, The moisture resistance of the package

Thunderstorm weather, mildew rain, or artificial dampness, etc., will make the courier wet, and the moisture resistance of the plastic bag just solves various moisture problems and plays a role in lever protection.

2, Packaging protection

Protective packaging, especially air pillow packaging and mail packaging products, have played a huge role in protecting and avoiding the impact of goods from shock, vibration, wear and handling during transportation, and have been received by more and more online shop sellers. Chased.

3, Packaging security

The trend towards lightweight and volumetric packaging has led to the development of customized services for certain products. Flexible packaging products, including protective mail, foam packaging, air pillow packaging, paper-filled products, and packaging, will continue to be the first choice for online shopping products because of their low cost and strong protection.

Plastic packaging has gradually evolved from food packaging to industrial packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, building materials packaging, cosmetics packaging and other fields, and its scope of use and prospects will become more and more extensive. Knowing the development trend of the plastic packaging industry, companies can take advantage of the trend and enter the fast lane of development.

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