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What is the vacuum packaging bag

Oct 23, 2019

What is the vacuum packaging bag?

Vacuum packaging is a general term for flexible packaging composite film products. There are many divisions in daily life depending on the temperature used: there is a need for less than 100 sterilization, some require 100 degrees of sterilization, and 121 degrees and 135 degrees. Of course, there is also room temperature, and the sterilization method that may be selected under normal temperature conditions is irradiation sterilization. And also consider the characteristics and weight of the contents of the package to determine the reasonable use of packaging materials, there is no fixed, suitable is the best.

Which material is better for transparent vacuum bags?

Vacuum packaging bags are a common type of packaging in the packaging industry. They are characterized by the remarkable quality of the preserved products and the very affordable price. Therefore, it is a good choice for food manufacturers, electronics companies and other customers. Of course, for transparent vacuum bags, how to choose a better material is a technical activity. Which kind of material is better for transparent vacuum food packaging bags? The package manufacturers are summarized as follows:

Transparent vacuum packaging bags generally require no impurities, very transparent and clear, and it has a graded packaging material. The materials commonly used for vacuum bags are aluminum foil, nylon, PE, co-extrusion and so on. The characteristic of aluminum foil is that it is protected from light, so it can not achieve transparency. In the latter material, nylon is the best transparent material. The strong tensile properties, good transparency and good sealing performance are the main characteristics of nylon materials. Therefore, nylon vacuum packaging bags are fresh. The best packaging material for food.

Of course, the transparent vacuum bags we are talking about here are all multi-layer co-extruded bags. We talked about nylon bags that are generally coextruded from NY/PE.

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