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Why vacuum bags with textures

May 08, 2018


(Food grade embossed vacuum bag   Non-toxic and tasteless  Factory outlets complete specifications)   

Food stored in refrigerators can cause cross-contamination if you do not isolate raw and cooked foods.

  Raw fish, raw meat, cold drinks, fruits, leftovers, and leftovers in the refrigerator are stored in the refrigerator at the same time without being tightly packed. Once a kind of deterioration occurs, it will quickly contaminate other foods and induce deterioration and deterioration of the chain.

The vacuum storage bag can play its role at this time, and the different types of food can be packed into the vacuum crisper and then stored in the refrigerator to avoid cross-contamination and cross-degeneration.

The principle of vacuum preservation, vacuum state, oxygen is removed, effectively prevent the growth of microorganisms, bacteria, mold and other lost living conditions, nutrients in food will not be oxidized, so the food preservation period can be extended.


(Hawking package  Diamond Embossing)

Why should we use grain bags for vacuum preservation?

First, it has a single-sided texture, forming many microchannels, making vacuuming without dead ends.

Second, it is a 7-layer co-extruder with no glue compound. Although many manufacturers have said that glue is non-toxic, many domestic manufacturers are impetuous and are quick to gain instant benefits. In addition, the competition among peers is fierce, only cutting corners on raw materials. Therefore, it is difficult to guarantee the quality of glue. During the cooking process, the glue in an ordinary vacuum bag is cooked and it is not known whether it is toxic or not. Therefore, relative bags are more hygienic.

Third, there is no printing on the texture bag and there will be no pollution of ink and chemical solvents. Or health!

Huakun vacuum bag has great benefits for food preservation, the biggest advantage is to use a vacuum device to vacuum the bag, can prevent the growth of bacteria and microorganisms, the food shelf life within the bag can be extended 3-5 times, lock food nutrition ingredient.