9/11 Layer Coextruded Casting Lidding Film

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Product Details

9/11 Layer Coextruded Casting Lidding Film

1. High-barrier,good transparency;
2. Excellent solvent barrier properties;
3. Aroma-preserving;
4. The most outstanding anti-fog, fresh-keeping performance;
5. Good heat-sealing properties and hot tack in automatic packaging;
6. Good seal integrity and anti-pollution;
7. With excellent film thickness deviation.

1. Barrier packaging of jelly;
2. Barrier packaging of high protein products such as cheese;
3. Barrier packaging of chilled meat;
4. Packaging of pesticides.

Kindly Reminder
Please advise the barrier material, thickness, size, style and quantity you prefer and other requirements, we will glad to help you with your choosing the right products and give you the best price.

Physical and Mechanical Test
1. Test Condition: 20º C, 65%RH (Except as otherwise provided by test methods. )
2. NY=20u
Attention: Above data is measured value, not specified value.
Product Storage Conditions: The product is made of plastic raw materials, easily burning, please store it in 5º C~35º C dry and well-ventilated environment, and keep it away from heat source at least 1m away.
ItemTest CriteriaUnitValue
ThicknessSurface Contactum80
Tensile StrengthMDASTM D882MPa39

ElongationMDASTM D882%323

Tangential Breaking StrengthMDASTM D1938-67N/cm122.8

OTRASTM D3985(20° C65%RH)c m3/m2. d. bar60
WTRASTM E96(40° C90%RH)g/m2. d1.5
HazeASTM D1003%5
Transparence MDASTM D1894

Wet TensionASTM D2578Mn/M40

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