Easy-Peel Hagh Barrier Lidding Film

Easy-Peel PA/PE Lidding Film for Sealing Trays/Containers/Cups Specification: Width:150-2,600mm Thickness:30-300μm Length:Per Requirement Highlighting: Excellent oxygen barrier property, maintain...

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Easy-Peel Hagh Barrier lidding film

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Product Info:
High barrier properties, oil resistance, shading, fragrance, fresh. The sealing strength is high, and
the heat sealing film meets the requirements of QS food hygiene.

1. Highly puncture-resistant, flexible and soft;
2. Good tensile properties;
3. Withstanding high temperatures up to 100º C (boiling water);
And freezing temperatures as low as -45º C;
4. High-barrier;
5. Good heat-sealing properties and tack;
6. With good tensile strength and heat-sealing strength;
7. With highly even film thickness;
8. High evenness of bags made by it.

It can be customized according to customers' specifications and printing.
Performance requireUnitsTechnical RequirementTest standardRemark
Tensile StrengthMDMpa>70GB/T 1040.3

ElongationMD%>450GB/T 1040.3
at BreakTD>450

Heat Seal StrengthN/15mmFilm thicknessTypicalQB/T2358—1998


Haze%Film thicknessTypicalGB/T 2410-1980


C.O.FIN/OUT0.2~0.4GB/T 10006—1998

WTRg/sq.m/day<10GB/T 1037-200Test

at38℃,100%R.H. ASTM F1249-2001

OTRcc/sq.m/day<5GB/T 19789-2005

at23℃,0%R.H.ASTM D3985-1995

RemarkThe exact data will vary by gauge PApercentage composition etc.

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lidding film

lidding film (3)

lidding film (2)

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