EVOH Lidding Film Manufacturers

EVOH Lidding Film Manufacturers Basic Info Industrial Use: Food Width: Max 2700mm Length: As per request Thickness: 20-350um Law Material: PP/PA/EVOH/PE-EPL Structure: PA/TIE/PP/TIE/PA/EVOH/PA/TIE/PE/PE/PE-EPL Function: Barrier Water Vapour /Oxygen/Odor Process: Cast film Surface Handing: Soft...

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EVOH Lidding Film Manufacturers

Basic Info

Product Properties:

PA.EVOH.PE-EPL Cast Film 6700Y-150um 易揭膜.png

Product Description:

PA/PE or EVOH coextruded film is an asymmetric multilayer film with excellent strength and puncture-

resistance ,which is superior in puncture-resistance,flexibility,high barrier and deep drawing 

performance,compared with film with biaxial stretch ,perfectly suitable for stretch packaging of meat and 

medical apparatus ,rice bags and sausage packaging.


Excellent oxygen barrier property, maintain the production flavor of the original.

Excellent thermoformability and high clarity, efficient and effective water blocking keep moisture locked in packaged meat

Excellent sealability, high strength, good puncture and flex-crack resistance

Excellent optical property

Superior formability

Multi-layer co-extrusion technology

The packaging usually using multi-layer structure in order to take advantage of a variety of polymer performance.The multi-layer co-extrusion technology was one kind of process which was formed multilayer structure thin film by variety of different polymers.It can to meet and solve food ,pharmaceutical and other industrial packaging special needs through consist  advantages of all kinds of polymer chemistry and physics.We will always keep a technical lead special in PA/EVOH barrier packaging film field,and we will provide the best solution by customer different packaing requirements.

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