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A Roll Of Shrink Film Was Born In The Process

Jul 07, 2017

  A roll of shrink film was born in the process

  Do you want to know how a roll of heat shrink film is born?

  Shrink film is not like a bird from the eggs inside the hatch, nor is it like a plant grow out from the ground, not scientists directly in the laboratory with chemical agents to do it.

  POF heat shrinkable film is the main component of PP and PE two kinds of materials. Through a coextrusion blow molding machine, blow molding.

  In order to ensure product quality, can be strictly selected high-quality raw materials, with the best quality to maintain the brand.

  The new heat shrinkage is from the "five-storey big man" blown out (five-layer co-extruded blown film machine)! Five-layer blown film technology is an upgraded version of the three-layer blown film technology, five layers of co-extruded film quality will be better, the performance of each parameter will be improved. The thickness of the film is determined from the blown film.

  Meet the requirements of all customers, any size of the film size of the film we will be dedicated to the production. The large roll will be cut into different widths at this step of the slitter, and the required monolithic film will be shipped directly and the "fold" film will be sent to the next step.

  Employees on the finished film seriously care, folded immediately after the protective film, and into the development of cartons, to prevent dust pollution.

  "Folding" is a relatively wide application of a shrinking film specifications, we can play according to customer needs holes, in the fold for the aesthetic will once again "flash" to keep the edge neat. Export abroad is generally carton packaging, coupled with paper cards and plastic plugs, long journey to go abroad are not afraid of the hands of customers are damaged!

  Ingredients - blown film - cut - fold, after this round after round of procedures, shrinking film like a child can be the same, much care, dedication of all our staff love. Can be combined to shrink the film as the carrier, to pass the concept of our customers and ideas, with our products to the community more environmentally friendly!