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Beverage Industry Led The Development Of Shrink Film Industry

Aug 02, 2017

  Beverage industry led the development of shrink film industry

  In recent years, with the continuous development of China's economy, China's beverage market output with 20% -30% annual growth and rapid development, of course, the rise of each industry will drive the development of other industries, Beverage market development and gradually developed. Shrink film labels play a certain role in beverage packaging.

  Shrink film labels can be boiled in the beverage industry in the vigorous development, back to its advantages, as well as the development needs of the market. Shrink film labels are a dazzling product in the label market, the constant demand of the business, the manufacturer can have enough space to develop themselves, so that they are strong enough to point a share. Heat shrinkable film label is a special ink printing on plastic film or plastic tube on the film label, in the process of labeling, when heating 70 ℃ left glaze timing, shrink the label will quickly along the container outside the outline Shrink, close to the container surface. This heat-shrink label is used since the 90's, has been almost 20 years.

  Therefore, along with the gradual development of China's beverage industry, shrinking film labels in the application of beverage packaging will be more and more widely, shrink film which also proved that the development of an industry will inevitably lead to the development of other industries!