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Brief Analysis Of The Status Quo And Prospects Of Functional Films In China

Jul 05, 2018

1.Optical film

Mainly used in liquid crystal display, diffusion film, brightness enhancement film and emission film. Especially in the diffusion film market, the technical difficulty is the highest. The production of diffusion film requires high transparency of polyester raw materials and high-precision coating technology, which severely limits the production of Chinese enterprises. At present, there is no mature supplier in this product, mainly relying on Japan. import. According to DisplaySearch, in 2015, the global demand for optical film (liquid crystal optical film) exceeded 3 billion pieces, with an output value of about 17 billion US dollars. From 2011 to 2015, it maintained a growth rate of 20% for five consecutive years.

2. Photovoltaic film, also known as solar back film

The photovoltaic film is applied to the solar back sheet, and its structure mainly includes a fluorine film (PVDF film, blown film method and coating method), a polyester base film (biaxial stretching method), and an EVA film (casting method), wherein The core of the film is self-contained in the formulation and modification of the fluorine film. In the early years, its process technology was mainly concentrated in the hands of several foreign companies. However, with the advancement of technology and formula research, domestic enterprises have already obtained technological breakthroughs and realized domestic production. . Due to the realization of localization, it is expected to maintain a rapid growth rate of 20%~30% in the future.

3. Lithium battery separator

With the rapid development of new energy vehicles and consumer electronics, lithium battery separators have maintained rapid growth in recent years. However, due to the performance requirements of resin raw materials and separators involved in lithium battery separators, it is currently dominated by several Japanese companies. Compress the profits of domestic diaphragm manufacturers. And with the explosive growth of smart electronic products and new energy companies in the next few years. The lithium battery separator market will continue to maintain high growth demand.

4. Water treatment film

Benefiting from the improvement and strict implementation of energy conservation and environmental protection policies, water treatment membranes have been rapidly developed for application in seawater desalination and sewage treatment. Although there are many domestic and foreign entrants, the surface treatment and pore forming technology are uneven. The quality difference is large, and the market share of high-end water treatment membranes is occupied by international giants.

5. High barrier film

Benefits from consumption upgrades, people have more understanding of the quality of life, including fresh food, food additive restrictions and other high-barrier film development. At present, high barrier films are mainly realized by multi-layer coextrusion technology and composite process. With the mastery of domestic equipment manufacturing and production process technology, China has already possessed independent production capacity in high barrier films. According to Smithers Pira, global high-barrier packaging film sales in 2014 were approximately 1.76 million tons and sales were $15.9 billion. It is expected that the global high-barrier packaging film market will continue to grow steadily in the next five years, with an average compound annual growth rate of 5.0%. In 2019, sales volume is expected to reach 2.24 million tons, and sales will exceed US$20 billion.