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China Multilayer Co-extrusion High Barrier Film

Jan 03, 2017

Multi-layer co-extrusion high barrier film at present in China are mainly five and seven layers co-extrusion film, source of imported equipment mainly for Germany, Italy, Canada, Japan, domestic equipment are also gradually rise, but relative to the foreign advanced equipment and gap.Seven layers co-extrusion production line equipment investment in 1000-30 million yuan, design standard for 1800 mm in length, commonly at speeds of up to 350 meters/minutes, annual production capacity of 1200 tons, individual production line can reach 1500 tons.
Production process consists of blow molding and casting film, blown film is divided into blown down water  quenched  and blown up air-cooling the two kinds.Interlayer structure is divided into symmetric and asymmetric structure.According to the market development needs, the layer number of more and more, the current domestic produce 11 layers co-extrusion cast membrane, its annual production capacity of up to 8400 tons.9, 11 layers may become the mainstream of multilayer co-extrusion film products in the future.