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Do You Want To Put A Desiccant In A Vacuum Pouches?

Jul 19, 2017

  Do you want to put a desiccant in a Vacuum Pouches?

  Commemorative coins in the event of oxidation, will lead to damage to the product, not only affect the appreciation, but also lead to its value greatly reduced!

  For how to save the commemorative coins have always been a troubled Tibetan friends, before many people are to choose a bag or paper clip storage or placed in a special box, but in the south, light certainly can not solve the problem of moisture.

  Simple point, then put the music box or storage box inside, Vacuum Pouches and then put more desiccant, a quarter for a desiccant, so that the basic solution to the coin commemorative coins moisture.

  In recent years, out of the more popular is the vacuum, this is also a better way to effectively block the moisture outside the air.

  But if you want to double insurance, Vacuum Pouches inside plus desiccant, Vacuum Pouches the results may be counterproductive. The use of desiccant is the water absorption, usually this desiccant itself is always exposed to the air, so bring their own water, if directly with the currency, in the vacuum pressure, the water will burst desiccant particles precipitation, so Will cause the surface to be wet. Moreover, the vacuum inside itself only contains a trace of moisture in the air, does not affect the preservation of the currency.

  So, whether you are scattered, the whole volume, the whole box, if you use a Vacuum Pouches, there is no need to put the desiccant in the inside again. If you must put, that desiccant do not directly contact with the currency.

  There is one more to remind you that if it is the whole box, the original, Vacuum Pouches nor is it recommended to use a Vacuum Pouches, because the draw will be worried about damage to the seal and the carton. The whole roll is suitable for evacuating bags.