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Embossed Vacuum Bag Use Methods And Precautions

Apr 12, 2019

Embossed Vacuum Bag Use Methods And Precautions

Usage and precautions:

1. The embossed vacuum bag should be paid before and after inflation. Do not let the sharp object scrape. When it is operated on the bed or on the clean desktop, if there are hard objects such as buttons and zippers in the stored items, please fold it inside. Put it in your collection bag. When storing in a cabinet or other place, also pay attention to the presence of sharp objects in the storage location to ensure the integrity of the bag.

2. Clothes, quilts and other items should be placed in the bag as much as possible, at least 3-5 cm from the closure zipper, do not force large items into the bag.

3. To ensure the cleaning of the zipper part of the sealing, if there is fiber or dust, it will reduce the sealing performance. It is recommended to wipe the zipper with a damp cloth and then close the zipper. After closing the zipper, please hold the slide by hand and pull it back and forth several times at the seal to ensure that the two ribs of the seal are fully inserted into the groove to ensure the sealing effect.

4. When using the air pump, screw the screw interface of the pump to the bottom, and resist the white rubber gasket of the air suction port to ensure that there is no air leakage at the interface. Generally, a large bag needs to be pumped for 3 to 5 minutes. There will be obvious flattening after five hundred. Be careful to draw continuously while using the pump, do not pause. There is a vacuum cleaner in the house, which is labor-saving and convenient.

Embossed Vacuum Bags 1

Embossed vacuum bag knowledge:

1. Check whether the pump is good or bad: Put the pump nozzle close to your face and then pump it. If you feel the suction, the pump is good.

2. If there is a bulging phenomenon in the bag after evacuation, in addition to the sealing is not strict, on the one hand, the quilt in the bag will also deflate, which will also reduce the degree of vacuum; on the other hand, from a physics point of view, The dense material also has voids. Due to the negative pressure, the air molecules will "squeeze" into the bag over time, and the vacuum effect will gradually decrease.

3. Leather and down products can be placed in this product, but not completely compressed.

4. Before the clothes are placed in the collection bag, the wrapping paper or the bag should be removed, otherwise the compression effect will be affected.

5. Please put the clothes in the collection bag thoroughly. No need to use insecticides, preservatives, etc., otherwise it will cause discoloration and deterioration of the acquired items.

6. The bag has cracks or broken a small mouth. It can be glued on both sides with ordinary wide-side transparent tape. It fits tightly.