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Film Gravure Dirty Ink And Solvent Dilution

Oct 12, 2016

Cause analysis of (1) resin binders and pigments in the ink particles are too large, causing it to not be diluted solvent dissolves, making a large number of particles on the blade, blade-swinging these particles can be grinding, but will still be in the gravure cylinder-Visual area leaves black marks and, thus, from dirty fault. (2) the Ink viscosity is too high, resulting in intaglio roller worn with the blade deeper and, thus, from dirty fault. (3) concave printing ink of diluted solvent more for mixed solvent, in equipment high-speed running process in the, fast dry solvent will large volatile, slow dry solvent is will in ink slot in the gradually accumulated, even constantly added new of diluted solvent for adjustment, mixed solvent of balance proportion also in occurred changes, led to ink dry slow, dissolved sex weakened, scraping ink effect variable poor, to makes residues ink marks turned printing to film surface and produced up dirty fault.