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Food Packaging FilmsTo Prevent Food Deterioration

Aug 18, 2017

Food packaging film is used to wrap the surface of the food, mainly used to isolate the decomposition of microbial bacteria and foreign pollutants into the prevention and extension of food deterioration of the polymer material.

  1, what is the food flexible packaging film?

  Generally the thickness of 0.25mm below the sheet of plastic called thin film, plastic film-based flexible packaging in the food industry widely used. Food flexible packaging film variety, they are transparent, flexible, with good water resistance, moisture and gas barrier, good mechanical strength, chemical stability, oil resistance, easy to fine printing, can heat bag.

  2, commonly used food flexible packaging film composite structure

  Commonly used food flexible packaging is usually composed of two or more layers of different film compound, according to the location can be divided into the outer layer, the middle layer and the inner layer.

  3. Development of food flexible packaging film

  (1) direction

  The development of environmentally friendly materials, flexible packaging film. To reduce costs, save resources, flexible packaging materials to the development of thin. Soft plastic packaging film to the direction of the development of special functional. High barrier composite materials will continue to increase the market capacity, after processing simple, blocking oxygen, water vapor performance, improve shelf life for the advantages of high barrier film, is the future of supermarket food flexible packaging mainstream.

  (2) the problem

  In the food flexible packaging film, single-layer film and more, with high barrier layer cost-effective composite packaging film less.