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Food Vacuum Pouches High Leakage Rate, How To Avoid?

Aug 15, 2017

  Food Vacuum Pouches high leakage rate, how to avoid?

  The gas leakage rate of food Vacuum Pouches is high, there are several reasons

  1. Food vacuum packaging design. If the content of the net content or volume of the soft packaging materials used in the area, in the transport or distribution process, slightly by external forces, will appear broken bag, cracking problems. Generally as a vacuum packaging bag heat sealing layer, Vacuum Pouches material thickness should not be less than 50μm thickness.

  2, the quality of food vacuum packaging materials. The quality problem of packaging leads to the sealing cracking problem of finished packaging, which is generally concentrated in the following aspects:

  ① the physical and mechanical properties of food packaging, such as tensile force and elongation of tensile fracture, anti-puncture strength, impact performance, peel strength, etc., Vacuum Pouches can be integrated to judge the toughness of packaging bags, puncture resistance, impact resistance and other physical mechanical properties meet the packaging, storage stacking and transport process needs. (related to contents, size of package, transportation route and packing form)

  ② the sealing of food packaging, such as the bursting pressure test, can determine the location of the broken bag and the weak mechanical strength. If the thermal seal strength test can determine whether the heat seal strength meets the requirements of food content, and determine the location of poor heat seal and the uniformity of heat sealing effect. For example, the chicken claw vacuum packaging is broken because the chicken claw is cut, some of the bones of the shredded claw is very sharp, coupled with boiling time, skin contraction, Vacuum Pouches so the bone is bare out, in the process of transport easy to puncture the bag. Therefore, the durability of the packaging bag should be considered as a key combination of packaging materials.

  The leakage and seal strength tester can not only detect the maximum rupture force of the soft package bag, also through the imposition of pressure to test the rupture time of the bag, can be based on the test data design stacked structure, further adjust the parameters of the hot sealing process to improve the packaging effect, Vacuum Pouches or according to the location of the soft packaging bag cracks in the packaging structure of the existing problems analysis.