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Good Barrier Resistance and Fragrance PVC/PVDC Sheet and Film

Dec 08, 2016

Hubei Hawking Packaging Material Co.,Ltd

PE/PVDC Structure:
As manufacturer of rigid PE film SINCE 2009,We provide the PE/PVDC film for packaging with below structures:PE/PVDC40gsm,PE/PVDC60gsm,PE/PVDC90gsm,PE/PVDC120gsm
 Features of PVC/PVDC film:
1.Excellent barrier for moisture and gases
2.easy to heat seal and easy to process,
3.Suitable for many printing technology
4.Non toxic and lower cost than cold form foil
Application: used in pharmaceutical blister packaging for tablets, capsules,  pills for pharmaceutical and food  packing.
Technical Indices:
Water Vapor Transmission 0.62g/(m2·24h);
Oxygen Transmission:1.82cm3/(m2·24h·0.1MPa)
Heating Shrinking rate:-3.1+1.0
Heating Sealing Strength:7.26N/15mm
Tensile strength:MD:50MPa,TD 52MPa
Test of Oxidation:1.50ml 
Heavy Metal<0.0001%
Vinyl Chloride Monomer:<1PPM
Vinyl dichloride Monomer:<3PPM
Mildew & microzyme:<10cm2

Coliform:Not be discovered

Packing, transportation:
The product is packedd at 50KG net weight per pc, or it can be packed according to the requirement of clients. It's transported as general plastic products.

Hubei Hawking Packaging Material Co.,LTD was founded in 2009,devote to resear production and sales of plastic packaging sheet.Main products are food and pharmaceutical grade PE/PVDC ,PVC,PETG,PVC/PVDC,PVC/PE,PET/PE,PVC/PDC/PE ,and PVC water cooling film. 

We are certificated to ISO:9001,I,BRC,SGS,Quality Control Management System, ISO4001 Environment Management System. Occupation health and safety management system certification,QS certificate, honored as "High-tech enterprise" in hubei province in 2010.