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High Puncture Resistance (bone)

May 25, 2018



The low-temperature frozen package is suitable for frozen fresh-keeping packaging of pork, beef and mutton, chicken, duck, goose, fish, shrimp and seafood from -18°C to -45°C.

Mainly used for pasteurization of low-temperature meat products; fish, aquatic products packaging.

Suitable for packaging:

Raw meat categories: frozen beef, frozen pork, meat, meat;

Meat products: ham, bacon, sausage, barbecue, grilled chicken, brine eggs

Dairy products: cheese, butter; aquatic products: frozen fish, kippers, simulated crab meat;

Powder products: coffee, cheese;

Specialties: pickles, peanuts, jujube, dried vegetables, local specialties, etc.


1. Multi-layer co-extruded film has no pollution, high barrier property, strong function and high strength. Can greatly extend the shelf life of your company's products and maintain the unique flavor of the food.

2. has a strong puncture resistance

3. low overall cost.

Dry composite packaging materials must be glued to the composite materials. The aromatic and aliphatic glues contain harmful substances that are easily released into the meat products. Co-extruded high-barrier packaging materials do not use adhesives, eliminating pollution of foods such as esters, benzene, and other harmful substances.

4. Co-extruded high barrier packaging vacuum up to 100%, while the dry composite material is generally 90% to ensure that the package is safe and does not leak.


PA/TIE/PE/TIE/PA/EVOH/PA/TIE/PE/PE/PE, 11-layer coextrusion casting process