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How Much Do You Know About The Role Of Food Packaging Film?

Oct 20, 2017

In the eyes of the packaging designer, of course, the first is able to help sales and brand integration role, food packaging film but then for you to specifically introduce the role of food packaging, of course, everyone thinks that the first must be the absolute position:

1, promote food competition, improve the sale of food

2. Protection of food and extension of shelf food

(1) To protect the appearance quality of food produce certain economic benefits

Food in the entire circulation process, food packaging film to be transported, loading and unloading, transportation and storage, easy to cause the appearance of food quality damage, food through the inside and outside packaging, it can be very good protection of food, so as not to cause damage.

(2) To protect the original quality of food, prolong the shelf food

Food in the entire circulation process, its quality will be changed and deterioration. Food itself has a certain amount of nutrients and water, which is bacteria, mildew, yeast and other production and reproduction of the basic conditions, when the food preservation temperature suitable for their reproduction, it causes food spoilage. food packaging film If food use aseptic packaging or packaging for high-temperature sterilization, refrigeration and other treatment, will prevent the occurrence of food corruption, prolong the shelf food.

At the same time, food itself has a certain amount of water, when these moisture content changes, will lead to food flavor changes or deterioration. If the use of the appropriate moisture-proof packaging technology can prevent the occurrence of these phenomena, but also effectively extend the shelf food.

Again, when the food is in circulation, when exposed to sunlight and light, and at high temperatures, it is easy to oxidize the food. Discoloration, such as the phenomenon of stale, such as the use of the corresponding vacuum packaging, food packaging film inflatable packaging and other technology and the corresponding packaging materials. Also can effectively prolong the shelf food.

3. Easy circulation of packaged food

Some packaging is a container for food circulation. such as bottled wine, beverages, canned cans, field-loaded milk powder, and so on, the bottles, cans and bags are packaging containers. It is also the transfer of food circulation and sales. It brings great convenience to the circulation of food.

4, increase the convenience of food varieties

Convenient food for consumers, with local flavor, it can only be circulated after packaging. To make the exchange of famous food around the world, increase people's Daily food types.

Again, fresh food, such as frozen dumplings, packaged meals and preservation technology, can be convenient for people to eat.

5, to prevent food pollution convenient cooking food, the use of special packaging technology

Food in circulation, to contact with the container and hand, easy to make food contaminated, after the packaged food can avoid this phenomenon, food packaging film in favor of the consumer's physical health.

6. Promote the rationality and planning of food circulation

Some fresh food, easy to corrupt, not easy to transport, such as fruit and aquatic products, made in various cans, can reduce waste, reduce transportation costs, and promote the rationality of food circulation and planning.