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How To Improve Print Halo

Oct 12, 2016

1. print Halo around the entire print design: have a Halo around the entire printed pattern, usually because the printing rollers and in the film due to too much pressure, cause deformations in the printed version of the extrusion process, namely printing pressure caused. 2. mark the front edge printing Halo: imprinted edge halos are usually printed on the front roller and film pressure roller is applied to the plate caused by excessive stress. Which is caused by pressure is too high, or in print is not hung tight cause Halo. 3. all printing pattern printed Halo: is generally level, wear plates, bending, printing caused by dirt on the surface is not level, causing uneven thickness of ink and the ink layer is too thick halos, witness the print edition will also cause a Halo phenomenon. Rubber version of the Halo is easier as a result of print high hardness.