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Hubei Hawking-Germany W&H Company 11-layer Casting Machine

May 11, 2018

FILMEX II uses a modular concept so that each production line can be tailored to specific requirements. With the new FPM function, data can be continuously recorded during the production process. Each film roll corresponds to a data matrix or QR code with its unique identification, including FPM quality data.

     Using these logos, as well as proper connections to the laboratory or downstream equipment, can make the production process more efficient. By creating a network of all processes, the entire production chain becomes transparent, enabling targeted optimization along the entire value chain.


Hubei Huakun Packaging Materials Co., Ltd. introduced the latest 11-layer casting equipment from W&H in Germany and can produce films with a thickness ranging from 20um to 300um. The multilayer co-extruded film produced has high barrier, thermoforming, vacuum, and inflation. , Air-cushion cushioning, high-temperature cooking, resistance to low-temperature freezing and other functions, can widely meet the functional packaging requirements of food, medicine, medical equipment, national defense, textile, light industry, chemical and other fields.