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Hubei Hawking Packaging Material Approved By BSCI

Jul 03, 2017

HUBEI HAWKING PACKAGING MATERIAL CO.,LTD was founded on 23 Nov. 2009 and specialized in manufacturing plastic bag. The factory used one 1storey(partial 2-storey) building as office, workshop and warehouse, used one 3-storey building as dormitory and used one 1-storey building as kitchen and canteen. 

The number of business license was 91420281695144966B. The management showed a cooperative attitude during the audit. Mr. Ma Jun/General Manager, Mr. Zhang Taipin/Admin. Director and Mr. Zhang Yu/Workers’ representative attended the opening and closing meeting. Mr. Ma Jun/General Manager signed the onsite CAP and agreed to take corrective action for the findings. The workers were assured of confidentiality and they spoke freely of their views of the factory. All workers said they were satisfied with their employment at the factory. Workers’ working hours were recorded by finger print attendance recorder. There were two shifts arranged for all production workers, the normal working hours were 8 hours per day, 40 hours per week. All workers were paid by hourly rate, and the minimum wage was guaranteed.