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Innovation Is The Key, Food Packaging Needs To Take The Road To Environmental Protection

Jun 05, 2018

With the growing demand for environmental protection and energy conservation in the world, the market demands for product packaging have become increasingly stringent. Harmless, non-pollution, renewable and environmentally friendly packaging plays an important role in the export trade of commodities. In recent years, the food industry has developed rapidly, demand for packaging is strong, and whether packaging materials are environmentally friendly Competitive Price PA/PE Coextruded Barrier Films Thermoforming Films is significant.

It is necessary to implement environmental protection for food packaging

     As we all know, environmental protection is a topic of common concern in today's society, and a large amount of packaging waste has caused tremendous pressure on the environment, among which the packaging waste generated by people's daily consumption of food accounts for a large proportion. And packaging waste is mainly solid waste and it is difficult to handle. The treatment of plastics is mainly burial, with a small amount of decomposition and incineration. The buried plastic takes 200 to 400 years to be decomposed by the natural world. During this period, it will hinder the growth of crops, eat animals, cause digestive diseases, and cause death. Metal and glass containers are not subject to pollution, but they are too heavy and require a lot of energy to melt. Therefore, the hazards to the environment should be fully considered in the design, selection, use, and recycling of food packaging, and should be avoided as much as possible.Competitive Price PA/PE Coextruded Barrier Films Thermoforming Films Environmental protection into food packaging materials in the future development of the mainstream trend Packaging has an irreplaceable role in providing protection for food, preventing food from being contaminated by external microbes or other substances, and preventing or reducing food oxidation and other reactions. Packaging is indispensable to human life, but also due to substandard packaging. It has a direct impact on human health. In recent years, with the continuous improvement of people's health and environmental awareness, sustainable development has become a clear trend for food packaging related companies.

It is understood that the "Circular Economy Promotion Law" has long been clear that the future of China's economic trends will be reduced to the reduction and resource transfer. Accompanied by the promulgation and implementation of this law, it will inevitably greatly promote the development of circular development, energy conservation and emission reduction in all localities and governments at all levels to the overall situation of regional economic development. The food packaging industry is no exception.

   At present, in order to tie in with businesses to attract consumers, packaging manufacturers often focus only on the beauty and uniqueness of packaging, while ignoring whether it is conducive to recycling, whether it is easy to dismantle and other factors, and even some packages will endanger the health of consumers. Zhongshan Plastic Bag Factory

Under the social background that environmental protection has become the general trend of development in all walks of life in society, packaging manufacturers should actively respond to national policies and resolutely implement the "Circular Economy Promotion Law," starting with the selection of packaging materials and the design of package shapes, and truly reduce energy consumption and emissions. The concept of recycling economy is integrated into the production process of packaging products.