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Interpretation Of The Application Of Various Types Of Shrink Film

Aug 02, 2017

  Interpretation of the application of various types of shrink film

  We all know that shrink film has a variety of species, their respective production process, that they are mainly used in those areas? The same time as

  PVC shrink film

  In the United States shrink film field, PVC shrink film accounted for 2/3 of the market share. PVC shrink film shrinkage is high, between 40% to 60%, and its lower cost, better tensile strength, suitable for multi-package combination packaging. PVC shrink film is the main problem is poor environmental protection, plastic container recyclers do not want to recover PVC shrink film. Moreover, the relative density of PVC and PET materials is close to around 1.33, the current level of technology, in the recovery process is difficult to distinguish between the two.

  PETG shrink film

  In all types of shrink film, PETG film shrinkage rate of up to 78%. PETG shrink film occupy the market share of 15% to 20%. Its relative density of 1.28, but its higher prices, hinder the pace of its development.

  OPS shrink film

  Compared with PVC shrink film, OPS shrink film is excellent in environmental protection. Compared with PETG shrink film, OPS shrink film is lower and more economical. OPS shrink film current market share of 5%, but also maintained a rapid growth momentum. OPS relative density of 1.025, the maximum shrinkage of up to 65%, and, in its contraction process, and shrink the opposite direction of the basic does not shrink.

  OPP shrink film

  Although the shrinkage of OPP film is low, but its application in the field of shrinkage around the label can not be ignored, it occupies 18% to 20% of the market share. OPP shrink film is more suitable for shrinkage rate is not demanding the approximate cylindrical container. The relative density of OPP is 0.90, so it is possible to provide higher yields at very competitive prices. The OPP shrink film is only suitable for shrink wrap labels.