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Is The Thickness Of The Plastic Bag Really Important?

Jun 04, 2018

In daily life, people often use plastic bags, but pay less attention to the thickness of plastic bags. The understanding of the thickness of the plastic bag is only to stay, and thick plastic bags are not easily broken.

The thickness of plastic bags in the end also determines the plastic bag which aspects?

1. The thickness and thickness uniformity of a product are primarily determined by the thickness and uniformity of the single-layer film before the plastic bag is compounded. That is to say, the thickness and quality of the single-layer film of the plastic Layer Co-Extrusion High Barrier Thermoforming Vacuum Bags Cast Film bag is a condition for obtaining the thickness and quality of a qualified product.

2. The barrier property of the plastic bag film is closely related to the thickness of the film of the plastic bag (usually proportional to the thickness), and the film bag with good uniformity can obtain a uniform and stable barrier property.

3. The film thickness uniformity of the plastic bag directly affects the mechanical stretching function of the film. The plastic bag film with good thickness uniformity can obtain better printing overlay accuracy and composite quality.

4. The same as the inner material of the composite plastic bag film, the thickness is higher than the beginning of the sealing temperature is high, and vice versa. In other words, a uniform thickness of the composite plastic bag film can obtain a uniform sealing quality Multilayer Coextrusion Evoh Barrier Transparency Vacuum Bag and prevent some of the heat sealing defects.

5. Most customers are based on square meters as delivery data, can be Family Usage Embossed Vacuum Bags useful to control the processing cost of the composite film.