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POF Shrink Film Is A Common Packaging Film

Oct 10, 2017

POF shrink film is a common packaging film, the transparent shrink film wrapped in the appearance of the product, can fully display the appearance of packaging products to improve the product of plastic, booster aesthetic sense, through the shrink film packaging items with excellent Sealing performance, moisture-proof pollution prevention, protection of goods from external shocks.

At the same time, the shrinking film has a beautiful appearance, strong sealing, dust and moisture and other performance, widely used in Jiangsu uv transformers, food, beverages, medicine, cosmetic, stationery and other industries packaging, for a wide range, For fragile goods, it is a lot of benefits. POF heat shrinkage in the international market development so far, technology has become increasingly mature. shrink film Has the following characteristics:

1, learn advanced technology, with a unique innovation, all kinds of items for packaging, to ensure its good packaging attributes

2, the appearance of smooth steam, wrapped tight, strong heat sealing

3, applicability, widely used in a variety of packaging areas

Since the 21st century, China's shrinking film into a high stage of development, and achieved excellent development results, in Japan Iwata manual spray gun packaging market, has important development impact, shrink film widely used in various scenes of life.