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Protective Packagings To Prevent Damage To The Product Deformation

Sep 08, 2017

Protective packaging refers to the enterprise according to the customer to buy non-packaged products, to protect the product will not be contaminated, damaged and loss, and provide a packaging service. This packaging service is to protect the product for the purpose of the general use of paper, cardboard boxes, cartons and other materials can be a simple package.

The role of protective packaging, mainly in the following areas:

1, to prevent damage to the product deformation. Protective packaging must be able to withstand the load, transport, custody and other processes in a variety of shocks, vibration, bumps, compression, friction and other external forces, the formation of the protection of the built-in products, with a certain anti-vibration strength.

2, to prevent chemical changes in the product. Products in circulation, consumption process vulnerable to moisture, moldy, rust and chemical changes, affecting the normal use of the product. This requires the protective packaging to a certain extent, play a barrier to moisture, moisture, light and harmful gas role, to avoid the adverse effects of the external environment on the product.

3, to prevent the impact of harmful products on the product. Rodents, insects and other pests are very destructive to the product. This requires that the protective packaging can have the ability to block mold, insects, mouse invasion, the formation of the protection of the built-in products.

4, to prevent foreign matter mixed, dirt pollution, loss, loss and theft and so on.