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Respiratory Film

May 16, 2018


Description: Stretch formed film is made of WH 11-layer cast equipment, superior film thickness, uniform interlayer thickness ensures excellent thermoforming uniformity of the product. The design of the multilayer structure is that the film has a high barrier property, and the casting process ensures that the product has a very good transparency. Reliable heat sealability guarantees the vacuum or inflated condition of the package.

Field of use: Direct molding required packaging, suitable for packaging of poultry, meat, seafood and dairy products.

1. "FFS" Automatic Packaging Thermoforming Base Film and Cap Film

2. Meat cooked meat packagin

3. Medical equipment packaging

4. Snack food packaging

5. Other fresh foods





product advantages

Respiratory film



No barrier, high air permeability and freshness

Thickness range40um~300um