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Seven Layers Of Co-extruded Film In Life, How Much Do You Know?

May 23, 2018


The seven-layer co-extruded film is now a new type of polymer polymeric packaging material. Many people know that its application is very extensive. So, what is the scope of the packaging film?

1, tea, coffee, spices, food additives, fragrant, color retention packaging are seven co-extruded film.

2, mechanical parts; electronic components, etc.; anti-oxidation, anti-infiltration, anti-rust, anti-hygroscopic packaging.

3, grain packaging, to prevent aflatoxin contamination and mildew, insect repellent, anti-caking, extend the shelf life.

4, quilts, pillows, down jackets, mattresses, etc. need to reduce the volume of vacuum packaging can also use seven co-extruded film.

5, cooked meat products, soy products, seafood, sauce goods, halogen goods, frozen products, soft canned packaging, to maintain the special flavor of food to prevent oxidation and transformation of grease, prevent grease penetration.

Seven-layer co-extruded film has good vacuum, oxygen barrier, moisture resistance, puncture resistance, boiled and sterilized at 100°C, and can be cryogenic storage, so it has good application in these aspects mentioned above and needs friends. Can go to our company to order!