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Six Steps To Distinguish Between Heat Shrinkable Film And PE Shrink Film

Jun 23, 2017

  Six steps to distinguish between heat shrinkable film and PE shrink film

  In the protective film packaging industry, there are many types of protective films that can be used to make packaging. To distinguish between two similar protective films is a very challenging thing for outsiders, without sufficient experience, it is difficult to distinguish. And heat shrinkable film and PE shrink film is honored to become two kinds of difficult to distinguish between the two films.

  First, see the unit cost

  PE shrink film: the proportion of 0.92, the thinnest thickness of 0.012mm, the actual unit cost is low. Shrink film: the proportion of 1.4, the thickness of the thinnest 0.02mm, the actual unit cost is higher.

  Second, measuring physical properties

  PE shrink film: thin and tough, uniform thickness, moisture resistance, soft texture. High tensile strength, tear strength, shrinkage adjustable. Due to the existence of LLDPE, resistant to rubbing better. Tear strength is lower than POF, but much higher than PVC, shrinkage adjustable, poor resistance to rubbing as POF.

  Heat shrinkable film: thick and brittle, uneven thickness, poor moisture resistance, hard and brittle texture; low strength, low shrinkage, poor resistance to rubbing.

  Three, than the storage performance

  PE shrink film: cold resistance is excellent, -50 ℃ is not hard not brittle, not easy to break, can be used for frozen food packaging; shrink packaging, -50 ℃ - 95 ℃ packaging long-term storage, stable; Anti-fog treatment, easy to pollute the dust, can keep the product clean and bright.

  Heat shrinkage film: cold special privilege, winter or frozen, not hard, not brittle, so easy to rupture transport; static elimination treatment, easy to dust, can keep the product clean; cold resistance, winter or frozen There will be brittle, so easy to break the transport; shrink the longer packaging, the contraction will be more tight, the packaging deformation; no static elimination treatment, easy to contaminated dust, so that product pollution blurred.

  Fourth, ask the processing performance

  PE shrink film: the process does not produce water will not stick to the stick bar, maintenance and easy operation; high toughness, smoothness and anti-rubbing so that it is suitable for high-speed production line automatic packaging.

  High-toughness, low-rubbing, can be used for high-speed production line automatic packaging; processing will produce moisture, easy to cause mechanical damage, but also in the process of production of water, Easy to stick on the stick bar, the operation is not convenient, maintenance difficulties.

  5, check the security index

  PE shrink film: shrink packaging, the seal at the four corners soft, not cut the staff, but also resistant to rub; shrink packaging, the seal four corners soft, not cut the staff.

  Shrink film: shrink packaging, the seal at four corners hard and sharp, easy to cut bleeding.

  Sixth, environmental health

  PE shrink film: non-toxic, processing does not produce toxic odor, in line with the US FDA and USDA standards.

  Heat shrinkable film: toxic, processing will produce odor, toxic gas, gradually banned.