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The Characteristics And Differentiation Of Shrink Film And Cling Film

Oct 10, 2017

The Characteristics and Differentiation of Shrink Film and Cling Film

Many people do not know the difference between shrink film and plastic wrap these two products, obviously to buy shrink film, the results bought a plastic wrap back! Today and we talk about the difference between the two! We from Three aspects to compare the difference between the two!

A shrink film is often used in outdoor, strong sunlight, so this shrink film need to add UV anti-ultraviolet additives, which we have said in a previous article, this can prevent the product was Sunshine in the sun caused damage!

Second, the shrink film is mainly used in light curing machine products sales and transportation, the role is to stabilize, cover and protect the product, and plastic wrap is mainly used to fresh food plastic packaging products, which is the most fundamental difference between the two The

Third, the cling film has a moderate oxygen permeability and moisture permeability, regulate the product around the oxygen content and moisture content, blocking the dust in the air, thereby extending the food shelf life. And spray gun shrink film is mainly used in the sale and transportation, in this process far away, bumps, so shrink film must have a high degree of wear resistance and a certain degree of contraction in the process of shrinkage shrink film can not produce holes The

The above three points is the biggest difference between the two products, if you can not tell, you can heat it, shrink film will shrink rapidly after heating, and plastic wrap may also shrink, but its contraction amplitude and style Relative shrink film will be a big gap!