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The Extension Shelf Effect Of Vacuum Pouches Food Packaging

Aug 15, 2017

  The extension shelf effect of Vacuum Pouches food packaging

  Food packaging, to producers, sellers and consumers have brought a lot of convenience, to produce a certain economic benefits, but also to promote the development of the food industry. Vacuum Pouches The role of food packaging bags is summarized as follows:

  (1) Protect the appearance quality of food

  Food in the entire circulation process, to be transported, loading and unloading, transportation and storage, easy to cause the appearance of food quality damage, Vacuum Pouches food through the inside and outside packaging, it can be very good protection of food, so as not to cause damage.

  (2) To protect the original quality of food, prolong the shelf food

  Food in the entire circulation process, its quality will be changed and deterioration.

  Food itself has a certain amount of nutrients and moisture, which is bacteria. Mildew, yeast and other production and reproduction of the basic conditions, Vacuum Pouches when the food preservation temperature suitable for their reproduction, it will make food spoilage. If food use aseptic packaging or packaging after high-temperature killing, refrigeration and other treatment, will prevent the occurrence of food corruption, prolong the shelf food.

  At the same time, the food itself has a certain amount of water, when these moisture content changes, will lead to food flavor changes or deterioration. Vacuum Pouches If the corresponding moisture-proof packaging technology can prevent the occurrence of these phenomena, but also effectively extend the shelf food.

  Again, when the food is in circulation, exposure to sunlight and light, and at high temperatures. It is easy to make food oxidation. Discoloration, such as the phenomenon such as the use of the corresponding vacuum packaging, inflatable packaging technology and corresponding packaging materials. Vacuum Pouches Also can effectively prolong the shelf food.