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The Importance Of Vacuum Pouches Color Design

Jul 19, 2017

  The importance of Vacuum Pouches color design

  Now a lot of food manufacturers according to their own food characteristics of the Vacuum Pouches used in its color design. People's feelings of color will change over time and aesthetic changes in the trend, so how to grasp the trend of fashionable colors, designed to meet the requirements of the times the appearance of food, food packaging to enhance the color of the appeal, Limit the role of food vacuum packaging bags of color language function, I believe that every food business have to consider an important factor.

  Food color and appetite are closely related to the color is the food Vacuum Pouches design is an important factor in the study marked. The color of the food bag will be particularly eye-catching, while consumers in the supermarket when the purchase of goods will also be impressed, and thus promote its purchase behavior.

  Showing the characteristics of food, Vacuum Pouches color must use the characteristics of food. While taking into account the psychological needs of consumers and appreciation of the habit. Through the rational use of color and the color of the relationship between, you can easily show the taste of food, such as the use of hard-edge style graphics, folding line pattern combined with cool colors to express the entrance crisp food.

  But also with the educational level, the cultural level of different subjective assumptions. For example, people living in the Loess Plateau and the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau, some ethnic minorities or remote mountain people like red and green and some very bright colors, Vacuum Pouches color with ethnic, geographical, customs, abstinence of the objective restrictions. This fusion with the background of the prairie mountains of his life, while bright colors show the vitality of vitality and love of life. The ordinary rural residents, most prefer elegant, fresh, bright colors.